Business Objectives
ESCAP is an intergovernmental platform consisting of 53 member States and 9 associate members. The commission aims to achieve sustainable economic and social development challenges.
User Persona
Asia Pacific Energy Portal is a multilateral platform, generating action-oriented knowledge, providing research, analysis and informed decision-making for their regional and global partnerships, bilateral donors, or private sector entities and foundations. The portal collects more than 200 datasets from United Nations, the International Energy Agency, the World Bank, UN Comtrade, IRENA (International Renewable Energy Agency) and Bloomberg with more than 3,000 policy documents and 7,000 power plants have been mapped.
Pain Point
After the pandemic in 2021, there are many countries facing shortages and increased prices in energy markets. It pushed families into poverty, business shut down, and slow economic growth. The crisis was caused by many sensitive factors.
Asia Pacific Energy Portal

Asia Pacific Energy Portal

Data Set

Interact with more than 200 data sets from leading international data providers, through chart visualizations.

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Access flow diagrams for national and regional energy imports and exports, based on UN Comtrade data.


Compare between data sets with your own selection of indicators and locations.

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