Visual Software Solutions.

We specialize in crafting highly interactive visualizations for exploring and analyzing large sets of data or documents in real-time.

Put your data to work.

Who we are

Think Blue Data (TBD) is a software solutions company established in April 2012.

A team of engineers and scientists who are passionate about finding innovative solutions to complex, data-rich problems.

We specialize in developing easy to use, interactive visual applications that simplify complex tasks and workflows.

We are reliable professionals, committed to rapidly delivering customized, usable, high-quality software.

We have developed solutions for analysts, scientists, and decision-makers to effectively manage their data and documents.


We create interactive experiences, enabling our clients to confidently explore and control their data. Our software has been featured at UN conferences and TEDx talks.

How we do it

We use an “agile” methodology to rapidly deliver a solution that meets your needs.

  • Discuss

    A meeting of the minds to understand your goals and technology challenges.

  • Design

    We work with you to brainstorm, design, and rapidly prototype alternative solutions.

  • Develop

    We iteratively develop, test, and refine the solution based on your feedback.

  • Deploy

    We deliver functional, tested, and documented software at the end of the sprint.

Meet the Team

Engineers, scientists, and scholars. Tech enthusiasts. Problem solvers.

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Alliances & partners

THINK BLUE DATA partners with several technology leaders to provide an extended value by integrating its data management, integration, and analytics solutions into their products and technologies.

Cloudera, Inc

Contact Us

We would be happy to share more details about our products and services, or schedule a demo. Let's talk!