Business Objectives
The Risk and Resilience Portal has been established to understand the cascading risks from the disaster-climate-health nexus. RRP also provide the evidence based analytics to guide and assess actionable risk, to fortify regional cooperation frameworks. Together with to the capacity of multiple sectoral ministries to develop planning and budgeting.
User Persona
The policymakers who focused on world impacts around Asia-Pacific, yet breaking down into individual sub-regions.
Pain Point
Any disasters disproportionately impact poor and marginalised groups and limit the ability of economic growth to eradicate poverty and reduce inequality. This platform provides better exploration through the multiple data sets.
Risk and Resellience Portal

Risk and Resilience Portall

Data Explorer

Access the data exploration tools and information to stay updated on the hazards and its impacts across various regions in Asia-Pacific.

Policy Search and Policy Matrix

Use smart search function to quickly locate policy information on disaster risk reduction and climate action priorities and targets.

Country Profile

Find key data and information on the disaster-climate-health nexus and sustainable development for different Asia-Pacific countries.

Explore multiple insights within one portal

Data Visualization